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Insurance of cargoes

All transport operations (transportation of cargoes, delivery of cargoes) inseparably linked and with material losses, such as: damage, destruction or loss of cargo as a result of various circumstances.

Insurance of cargoes - one of the oldest kinds of the property insurance, often being an indispensable condition at performance of the international contracts. Distinctive features of the given insurance is that in the course of cargo transportation, first, the proprietor has no possibility supervise safety of cargo, secondly, some carriers can to participate in cargo delivery, thirdly a cargo transportation can be carried out by various types of transport (auto transportations, air service, sea transportations, multimodal transportations), fourthly, in the course of delivery cargo can cross territories of the several foreign states.

The risks connected with transportation of cargoes, are various, and besides risks of direct loss and cargo damage, there are customs risks, and risks of responsibility of carriers, forwarding agents, security guards and operators of warehouse terminals.

Therefore, in most cases, insurance of transportation of cargoes is the most convenient form of a guarantee of realization of uninterrupted economic process. To secure your company against the risks connected with delivery of cargoes we recommendusing service in insurance of cargoes.